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Analysis of Cases an Judgments on Racism, xenophobia, LGBTIphobia and other Forms of Intolerance, 2014-2017. Summary

We are pleased to present the study ?Analysis of cases and judgments on racism, xenophobia, LGBTIphobia and other forms of intolerance, 2014-2017? conducted with the support of the Secretariat of State for Migrations under the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security. This study was commissioned by the Monitoring Committee on the Agreement to cooperate institutionally to combat racism, xenophobia, LGBTIphobia, and other forms of intolerance presided over this year 2019, by the Director General for Relations with the Justice Administration of the Ministry of Justice. The study analyses judgements handed down on hate crimes during the 2014 to 2017 period and identifies the judicial trends in this field. The cases tried were analysed based on a series of variables such as the characteristics of the persons investigated and the victims as well as the procedural and material aspects mentioned in the judgements. This study therefore offers the analysis of a sample of definitive judgements handed down by judicial bodies in our country in hate crime proceedings during the mentioned period, and makes a pioneering report in Spain and Europe available to the public administration, civil society and the public at large.

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